Upgrade to Python 3.8 on a Chromebook

How to get up and running with Python 3.8 on your Chromebook in under 10 minutes.

Step 1— Install Python 3.8 prerequisites

From the Linux terminal app on the Chromebook:

Step 2— Download and extract Python 3.8 source

Note — If you want to use a later version just replace the version number (3.8.1) in all the next steps with the latest version number

Step 3— Compile and install Python 3.8

Notes — The altinstall option leaves the original Python untouched.

That’s it. You can now test the installation with:

What else might you need?

If your Chromebook was freshly power-washed you may also wish to install pip, and IDE of your choice and some other tools for Python.

This article covers other tools you may wish to install for web development on a Chromebook.


This Python install method provides an update for 3.8 to this original blog post

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